Something I am loving right now . . . The French Breakfast Radish!


The French Breakfast Radish D’Avignon . . . how chic am I?  Well, I can pretend, right?  So, this is the radish I am loving right now.  It is cute, tender and delicious . . . enough of a reason to eat one or better yet, a handful for your next snack.  This radish is a two-inch, bite-sized treat known for it’s mildly, sweet flavor and succulent crunch.  It is a typical spring radish which is cylindrical in shape and colored red and white.



But it’s name . . . The French Breakfast!  Now, that puzzles me.  When I think french and when I think breakfast . . . I think croissant + espresso = The French Breakfast.  But who am I to question the name of this radish I am loving right now?  So, I won’t!  I will simply enjoy eating it . . . or honestly, handfuls of them.

And you might be wondering how I eat my French Breakfast Radishes!  Let me tell you . . . for lunch!  Yes, The French Breakfast Radish D’Avignon is known in my kitchen as The Springtime Lunch Radish!  Can’t a girl rename an edible root vegetable once in awhile?  

I am enjoying my springtime lunch radishes as a simple springtime sandwich.  Take a piece of toast and smear on some avocado; as if it was butter.  Then layer it with thin slices of radishes and top it with a sprinkling of pink himalayan salt.  Can I simply say . . . “Divine!”  Oh, I will and once you make your own . . . you will too!



Springtime is the perfect time to add radishes to your meals.  Here’s a secret . . . Radishes are a girl’s best friend, really!  Honestly, after winter’s abundance of rich, fatty foods, the radish is right there waiting in the produce section to help a girl out.  And French women know it too!  Of course, they do . . . they eat these little roots with butter.  And we wonder how they stay so thin!

And their nutritional profile . . . radishes are rich in ascorbic acid, folic acid, and potassium.  They are a good source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, magnesium, copper and calcium.  Eat an abundance of them . . . one cup of sliced raw radishes adds up to a measly 20 calories!  And guess what . . . radishes help to remove food stagnation and detoxify old residues in the body.  Perfect for a springtime dietary upgrade!  And who doesn’t want to upgrade?  My point exactly!

What are you waiting for?  That’s right . . . lunchtime!  So for your next springtime sandwich add some radishes between those two slices of bread.  Hey, maybe you are feeling a bit french and a bit more chic . . . so why not make your sandwich on a baguette!  

To loving something right now that is so very spring-like and oh, so very chic . . . one radish at a time!  Hugs, M.


PS Sending you all some springtime “Peace Love & Happiness!”



One thought on “Something I am loving right now . . . The French Breakfast Radish!

  1. Another springtime sandwich winner. I love the chic radish and look forward to adding it to my menu. Peace, love and happiness back at you.

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