Raw Angel Hair Zucchini Pasta . . . Buon appetito!


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do!”  So, the expression goes.  But this girl simply isn’t in Rome . . . at least not today.  Today, I am right here.  Where might here be?  For today, here is a place in my recent memory of all things sunny and warm . . . here is my memory of a summer past in a place called “The Cottage”!  This girl is running out of the ocean, bikini clad, salty wet hair . . . enjoying her most favorite season at her most favorite childhood place!


Food triggers memories and can simply transport one to a time gone by.  A meal can almost bring you right back to this or that place.  It’s not the same and never will be.  But we maybe can, just maybe try . . . with eyes closed get there!  Why not?  Exactly  . . . why not?   So NO COOKED pasta for me.  I am simply not in Rome.  Oh no, because I am here . . . a summer day with a summer meal!  A meal I shared many times this summer with two incredibly important people . . . my parents.  I shared it with them during my favorite season in my favorite little cottage.  Many memories have been made there and it is here I am being transported to . . . even if, on a different day at a different time.  I am still there at the cottage and always will be in one way or another.   photo-2   photo-2 photo-2   photo-2

Raw Angel Hair Zucchini Pasta aka Cottage Pasta!

serves a mom, a dad & a daughter . . . preferably after a day at the beach!

1 large organic zucchini

a huge handful of mini heirloom tomatoes

a bunch of fresh basil

a generous addition of walnuts and oily sun-dried tomatoes

Take a spiralizer and turn your zucchini into raw angel hair pasta.

Cut up all the tomatoes and toss them on top with plenty of basil, walnuts and super oily sun-dried tomatoes . . . Yum!

My perfect, simple, summer meal . . . shared with my Mom & Dad!  Now, that is simply . . . so very special!  Thank you, Mom & Dad, for all the memories!  I simply can’t wait to make some more . . . both memories and of course, raw cottage pasta! photo-2

To enjoying a meal that brings you to your own personal here . . . one bowl of Cottage Pasta at a time!  Hugs, M.

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