Yoga during the Fall . . . 5 Grounding Poses

Ayurveda is the system of traditional medicine native to India.  According to Ayurveda, Fall is known as the Vata season.  Vata is associated with air, upward flowing energy and anxiety. It is especially beneficial to practice grounding yoga poses during the Fall. Yoga poses which help to quiet the mind and release anxiety are helpful during the Vata season.  Grounding yoga poses help to move your energy downward in order for the body to feel more rooted and connected to the earth.
I want to share with you 5 Grounding Yoga Poses which can be easily practiced at home.  Make sure you always listen to your body and do what is right  for you.  I enjoy going to a yoga studio twice a week where I attend classes with a certified yoga instructor.  I highly recommend yoga and encourage you to seek out a studio and teacher.  However, it is nice to create a quiet moment within your busy day just to slow down, root yourself and find your connection to this earth.
5 Grounding Yoga Poses For Fall
Also known as Mountain Pose, Tadasana is considered the basic standing yoga pose.  It helps to establish the alignment of most other yoga poses. Tadasana requires a solid foundation through your feet.  If you are feeling anxious or “spacey”, it is the perfect pose to reconnect and focus on feeling your feet growing roots into the earth.
Also known as Tree Pose, Vrksasana is another pose which requires a strong and solid feeling of being rooted into the earth.  Vrksasana is also a balancing pose.  Once your balance is established, this pose serves to be meditative and calming to your mind.  The full version of the pose is having your foot pressing into your inner thigh.  However, for a modified version, your foot can press into your calf or ankle.  Balancing poses can be challenging so it is important to focus your mind by softening your gaze onto a non-moving point.
Also known as Hero’s Pose, Virasana is said to calm mental agitation and counteract the anxiety associated with Vata energy.  Hero’s pose is seated pose which is good for meditation.  Hero’s pose can be practiced while seating on a cushion or block if you experience any knee pain.  Focus on externally rotating your thighs and drawing your tailbone downward toward your knees.
Viparita Karani Mudra
*just to flip your life upside down!
Also known as Legs Up The Wall, Viparita Karani Mudra is a restorative yoga pose.  It is excellent at calming the mind, relieving stress/anxiety and increasing the flow of downward energy.
Also known as Child’s Pose, Balasana is both a restorative and grounding yoga pose.  Balasana relieves fatigue and anxiety because it helps to calm both the mind and the body.  Having your knees wide while your toes are touching, sit back on your heels and relax with your forehead touching the ground.  Arms can be extended in front of you (more active pose) or down next to your sides (more passive pose).  Either way, close your eyes and release the weight of your body while feeling like you are sinking into the earth.
To taking time this Fall to focus on self care practices like Yoga . . . one grounding pose at a time!  Hugs, M.

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