What’s in my fruit bowl?. . . Satsuma Mandarins

Just back from my local organic food market with a bag full of Satsuma Mandarins.



It’s Monday morning and I need to re-stock our fruit bowl.  Always needs replenishing with a family full of fruit lovers.  For the last week, we have been eating . . . ok, stuffing our faces with these green and yellow skinned mandarins from Sicily, Italy.  Does one’s body somehow know an extra heavy dose of vitamin C is needed now or in the near future?  If so, mine is seriously craving it! So, I keep buying and they keep disappearing into our bellies . . . exactly the way I like it.



The satsuma mandarin is a seedless, easy-peeling, juicy, citrus gem.  It’s thin, leathery skin and delicate flesh make it so darn delicious.  The fruits we have purchased have ranged from slightly sweet to incredibly sour.  My daughter is partial to the sour ones . . . the more she puckers, the better she likes them!



I spoke with a produce employee at the market who said the early satsuma mandarins are always green and yellow.  Then in the coming months, the orange skinned ones arrive.  Don’t you just love seasonal eating?  By the week, different varieties of the same produce and new items come in . . . always making it fun to discover something new and a reminder that seasons come to an end!



So, what’s in your fruit bowl this week?

To re-stocking the fruit bowl . . . one seasonal offering by the week!  Hugs, M.

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