The Doughnut Peach



My last few trips to the weekend farmers’ market have been FULL!  Carrying canvas tote bags brimming with produce is something that makes me smile.  The colors all so vibrant at summer’s end.  Once home, I enjoy the ritual of emptying my bags – all the berries filling up glass storage containers, tomatoes filling up bowls on my windowsills, fresh cut herbs placed into jars of water, lettuces to be washed, dried and stored in my reuseable produce bags, squashes on countertops, the fruit bowl being arranged. . . A rainbow of colors; again, I smile!

Another treat brought home by kilos these last few visits has been the “Doughnut Peach“!



If you are anything like me, you are interested in your food along with it’s history, it’s harvest, it’s taste, it’s . . . whatever!

Doughnut peaches are descendants of the flat peach varieties native to China.  They are distinguished by their shape; roughly rounded and squat with a dimpled center.  Their skin is velvety with less fuzz than ordinary peaches.  And oh my, what makes me love them so is their flesh . . . yes, they are a lot firmer, sweeter and more fragrant than a regular peach.  They are considered to have undertones of honey, floral and almond.  Now tell me that is not scrumptous!  They are ideal for eating out of your hand with a napkin close by or maybe just lick the drips right on up. . .that is a picture of summer’s end!

Eating according to the seasons is just that and so much more.  Enjoying your food so much because you know it will end and it will not be sold for many months to come.  But something new will catch your eyes at the market and fill your bags.

For the season of the Doughnut Peach is short and sweet and it’s end has come. . .but only for this year.  So, I say my goodbyes knowing that I truly enjoyed many and will again next year. . .and many years to come!



To eating and learning about a different kind of doughnut. . .one peach at a time, M.

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