The “Batard” Bread

Batard Bread . . . The “Bastard” Baguette!



Yes, “batard” is the French word for “bastard” in English.  It seems rather harsh, right?  In bread circles, the batard is the bread of inferior, irregular and dubious origin . . . or simply known as the inferior baguette. It seems so cruel to place such hard judgement on a simple loaf of bread.  This is all due to the fact that the batard bread is typically half the length and many times the width of a classic baguette.  It’s crust to bread ratio is completely off. . . among the snobby baguette lovers.   Within the bread family, the batard is considered the baguette’s squat cousin.  How can families be so cruel?

I like to consider myself a bread eater who simply does not discriminate or alienate any particular bread.  I enjoy a vast array of breads from many culinary origins.  They all seem to feed a unique taste and purpose within different meals.  That point taken, there is one thing for certain that the batard can do better that a baguette.  The batard is the ideal base for my lunchtime sandwich!  And who doesn’t love a sandwich for lunch?



The batard’s fat shape and doughy consistency has made my lunchtime meal that much more delicious!

I encourage you to explore your local artisinal bakerys and find yourself a loaf of batard.  Cut yourself a nice thick slice and start building a sandwich that gets you happy to eat and nourishes your soul.



If any of you live in Amsterdam or happen to visit, I highly recommend an amazing French bakery called GEBR. NIEMEIJER.  My husband introduced me to it and it has become a weekly visit.  We enjoy many morning walks there. . . And yes, we always purchase their amazing baguette but never without a loaf of batard.  Everything we have tried there is delicious!  Check out there website and visit – you will be grateful!

Good bread is just that . . . GOOD!

Slice it any way you like and add your toppings.  Sandwiches are that simple.  Good ingredients make the tastiest lunches.  Right now, I am loving slices of avocado with fresh figs with just the right amount of mayo and balsamic creme – YUMMY!



Another favorite of mine is diced up colorful tomatoes, julienned sun-dried tomatoes, purple & green basil leaves with a thick spread of aioli or hummus.


Sandwiches and lunchtime are a perfect match for me!



To turning an inferior baguette into a superior sandwich . . . one slice of batard at a time, M.



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