Something I am loving right now . . . Passion Fruit!

So who has a passion for . . . Passion Fruit?  Well, I do . . . right now.  And I am loving it!
Why have I simply just passed right over it in the produce section all these years?  Let me try guessing . . . For starters, the outside is a dark kinda purple, green, black color and the size of a mini ball that wrinkles when ripe.   Not very appealing yet.  Then if you dare to cut into one, the inside is well, not much better.  Actually, it can be startling.  It is rather alien looking for better choice of words.  But please wait . . . just really look, closely.  It is a sort of weirdness that when closely examined becomes . . . beautiful!  It’s just what I think.
Maybe I am not doing a very good job of encouraging anyone to try this fruit.  Sorry!  So, what made me try one.  I must admit . . . the name.  Come on, who can not be tempted to try a fruit called . . . Passion Fruit?!  My point exactly.
What are you waiting for?  Go out and buy some.  Let them sit until they are wrinkly . . . the sign of readiness.  Then slice right through the middle and scoop out the goop, the slime, the seeds.  Smell the perfume scent of the fruit . . . gorgeous!  Do it . . . eat and experience the explosion of flavor, the crunch of the seeds and the slithering of fruit!  Wait a moment and suddenly you are being transported to the tropics.  Seriously, what better way to feel a bit of sunshine then through a piece of fruit in the dead of winter?  It is both sweet and tart at the same time with an acidity that is vibrant!
And let me tell you . . . Passion Fruit might be small in size, but is huge in nutritional value.  It is loaded with vitamins A, B6 and E. It is a good  source of the minerals calcium, iron and zinc.  The seeds are rich in dietary fiber and offer an appealing crunch!  And for some the passion is made better by this fruit’s low calorie count . . . being around 50 calories per fruit.
I go right for the passion and eat this fruit as is . . . scooped out of the pod; straight up!  It would be a nice addition to yogurt and ice cream too!  All I really can say is . . . “Give Passion Fruit a try!”
To getting through the cold of winter with a hint of the tropics . . . one Passion Fruit at a time!  Hugs, M.

2 thoughts on “Something I am loving right now . . . Passion Fruit!

  1. I love them. I bought some a few days ago and am waiting for them to wrinkle. They bring back memories for me of times spent with my family in South Africa. Passion Fruit was always on offer at breakfast, eaten like a boiled egg in its shell with a teaspoon. Delish.

    1. Feeling a bit passionate about some passion fruit! I think a South African breakfast would be quite yummy . . . along with some sun & surf!

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