School Gardens



Thursday morning is a very special morning for my daughter.  It is the morning her class journeys to their school garden.  She awakes a bit earlier on Thursdays; always anticipating what new things might await her arrival.  Like all her classmates, she is ready in her wellies with totebags, scissors, rubber bands, newspapers . . .to harvest and bring home what she has grown.  Upon arrival, each student heads to their own special plot of land where they have planted a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers.  They all are instructed by volunteers of the school garden, have lessons about gardening and growing but the real joy is in the actual doing!  She comes back with dirt under her nails and stains on her clothes just like any gardener would.  She loves being in her garden and feeling the dirt.  These last few visits have been exceptional because so much has grown.  The joy when she comes back with food she grew is a beautiful thing to see.



Her garden has allowed her to experience an entire process from start to finish.  This process involves tending her little piece of earth, sowing the seeds she wanted, caring for her plants, harvesting what she has grown, preparing the food she has brought home and actually, eating it!





My daughter’s school garden has given new meaning to the words “planting seeds” . . . as each seed was planted into the earth by her, those exact seeds were planted into her growing mind, too!

To growing gardens and our children . . .one seed at a time, M.

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