Popcorn . . . a great snack!

Quick snack idea . . . POPCORN!



Pop lots of it.  I said lots . . . and lots!  Make different batches with different flavors.  Store each variety in it’s own container to keep fresh.  All week long there is some popcorn ready for hungry children (moms and dads too!) to snack on.

I am a minimalist with my popcorn.  I pop my kernels in some oil and add a little sea salt for flavor.  A dash of sea salt is my all time favorite.  Yet a decacedent maple, pecan popcorn is sublime!  As you are well aware, the flavor combinations are endless.  Google popcorn recipes and see all the amazing recipes to be popped!



Popcorn is so simple.  Just start with choosing your popping oil . . . from canola to coconut to grapeseed; it is all up to you or what you have on hand.  Generously coat the bottom on your pan with oil.



Once the oil is hot, add in your popcorn kernels and place the lid on.  Some people are popcorn shakers and others firm believers in no shaking.  It is your popcorn so do as you wish.  Once the popcorn has popped, it is time to season.  Again, so many choices . . . like sugar, cinnamon, dried herbs, dried fruits, mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, maple syrup, savory spices, sweet spices . . . an endless abundance of options!

Personalized popcorn is a great snack idea!  Again, pop lots of popcorn this week and have your kids come up with a variety of different tastes to excite them Monday through Friday!



To popping a whole grain . . . one kernel at a time, M.

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