Edamame Hummus



My days here in Amsterdam have been turning chillier and a bit more gray; as one should expect with autumn upon us.  I know summer is long past (just a bit) . . . according to the calendar.  But I am still holding onto sunbeams that occasionally peak out from behind a cloud filled sky.  The changing of seasons is always a little . . .well, anxiety riden for me; as I do love the warmer weather and the brighter days of a season gone past.  I just always have such a hard time saying goodbye to . . . summer!



Today, I wanted to create, through my food, a brighter and more vibrant taste . . . a memory of summer.  What better way then by making something . . . green in color and citrusy in taste.  So believe it or not, sitting right there in my freezer was a bag of edamame and right there in my fruit bowl I had lemons staring back at me.  Yes, edamame hummus was calling me and leading me straight back to summertime!


Edamame literally means “twig bean”.  It’s the popular side dish we all know and love that is ordered at Japanese restaurants.  These “twig beans” are the immature soybeans still in their pods that are prepared by boiling or steaming with a condiment of sea salt scattered on top.  And who doesn’t like the pre-sushi ritual of shelling warm edamame pods and licking their salty fingers?  Yes, it is worth every yummy bite . . . this treat before your sushi is served.

But today, I wasn’t thinking of sushi at all.  Not a single thought of Japanese cuisine . . . at least not today.  Tomorrow is a new day, of course.   Today, I wanted one thing for lunch and that was edamame hummus . . . a thick green spread with notes of lemon.  The end result was delicious!  So upon completion, I started slathering this delectable spread onto a piece of toast and topping it with julienned radishes and cucumbers.  My lunch  . . . a bit of sunshine on my plate and a delight for my palette.



Many times it is simply food (and many times that food is in it’s simpliest form) that transports us . . . whether to another land, to another season, to another memory . . .

Yes, I was indeed transported to another season; a season filled with sunshine, just by the simple pleasure of my lunch!  So I encourage you to transport yourself maybe one time this week during your lunchtime . . . your soul will be nourished!

I also would recommend making edamame hummus . . . it is so GOOD!


1 1/2 cups thawed & shelled edamame

1 large garlic clove 

juice of a large lemon (and add the zest if you dare!)

1 heaping spoonful of white tahini

1 -3 tbsp water, to thin as needed

sea salt to taste

ground coriander seeds and cayenne pepper to taste too

olive oil (I added about 1 tbsp)

Add everything to a food processor and process to a somewhat smooth consistency with a bit of pieces for texture.

Occasionally, scrape down sides during the processing to incorporate all ingredients.

Scoop into a serving bowl or storage container.  Serve as a sandwich spread, with crostini, on toasted pita chips, next to a bowl of crudites or a plate of crackers . . . or just eat by the spoonful!






To turning a gray day, sunny & green . . . one serving of edamame hummus at a time!  Hugs, M.

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