DIY Vanilla Salt



Time again for a Do-It-Yourself project.  Today’s assignment is . . . DIY Vanilla Salt!  Vanilla SALT?  You are thinking I made a typo, surely.  I meant Vanilla Sugar, of course, right?  But OH NO, . . .  I did indeed mean Vanilla Salt. 
Tis the season to be baking . . . at least soon.  The holidays always bring out the baker in me.   The tradition of making batches of cookies,  filling up tins and sharing with friends and family is one of the many joys during the season.  I have such fond memories of cookie baking with my mom and sister.  There was always the traditional christmas cookies, the family favorites and always a newbie to try out.
When thinking of baking, one naturally thinks . . . butter, sugar, flour and more butter, sugar, flour . . . maybe throw in some warming spices too. But one of the treasured and maybe more secret ingredients is SALT.  Salt is the great balancer . . . it enhances the sweetness and accentuates the flavors in our baked goods.  So Vanilla Salt is your new baking secret.  How fun is that?  So, the next batch of cookies you begin to make just substitute the amount of salt in the recipe for the same amount of Vanilla Salt!  Easy and Delicious!  Every baker needs just a little secret up their apron!
I am using coarse Grey Celtic Sea Salt and vanilla beans for my DIY Vanilla Salt.  Of course, it you prefer a finer grain of salt then by all means feel free.  This is a simple Do-It-Yourself project, so let’s get started!
Simply split your vanilla bean vertically down the center and scrape out all that moist vanilla seed goodness.  Rub the vanilla seeds into a small bowl of Grey Celtic Sea Salt (about 3/4 cup).  Really rub it in so the seeds are completely dispersed throughout the salt.   Almost done.  Fill a glass jar with your Vanilla Salt and make sure to toss in a small piece of the used vanilla bean pod.  Never too much vanilla goodness in Vanilla Salt!
Here’s a hint for your next chocolate candy making experience that will make you a vanilla salt LOVER!  If you like making chocolate confections or chocolate fudge . . . sprinkle some Vanilla Salt on top!  Yes, can we all just take a moment to say a unified “YUM!”  Ok, “YUM!”
To Doing-It-Yourself . . . one jar of Vanilla Salt at a time!  Hugs, M.
PS  Vanilla Salt would make an extraordinary little gift for the bakers in your life this holiday season, just saying!

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