Breathe & Smile

Waking up this morning, something in me said, “Breathe & Smile!”



So today I am passing this message on to you.  Sounds rather simple . . . but I am just going to do . . . simple.
Life can get rather crazy.  All different distractions can buzz around us.  Distractions that may cause us to actually miss an opportunity, others that cause us to neglect ourselves or others . . . who knows.
But what if one’s own happiness is forgotten?  One’s world is too busy and the fog is too thick. So be simple, at least for a moment, and return to your “now”.   Try standing in the present, opening your eyes, having the courage to open your heart even wider than you think possible . . . and just breathe and allow the smile within you to shine out.
Breathe & Smile . . . just because you deserve to love yourself!
To smiling . . . one breathe at a time!  Hugs, M.

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