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Vegabond . . . a new specialty shop I’m lovin’!

Vegabond . . . Vegan-friendly whole-foods store!  The name says a lot as does the tagline.  But honestly, even if you aren’t a vegan or close to becoming one, it is well worth the visit.  Bring your reusable shopping tote because there are so many goodies to purchase. Beautifully located on the Leliegracht, it’s the… Read More

Surprise Salad . . . Toasted Pecan and Fresh Blueberry Red Quinoa Salad!

A new year and a new salad . . . Surprise Salad!  This salad is exactly that.  It’s a surprise waiting . . . no begging, tempting you to take a first bite.  A first bite that you will be hoping doesn’t end.  Because somewhere in the madness of this salad is delicious success!  Yes,… Read More