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Easter Brunch Idea . . . Lemon Pound Cake Mini Cupcakes!

Easter Brunch is quickly approaching, so time to start hopping off to the kitchen!  And I have an Easter Brunch Idea to add to your table . . . Lemon Pound Cake Mini Cupcakes!  There is nothing really nutritious about them except the fact that you will love them . . . and honestly, enjoyment… Read More

Surprise Salad . . . Toasted Pecan and Fresh Blueberry Red Quinoa Salad!

A new year and a new salad . . . Surprise Salad!  This salad is exactly that.  It’s a surprise waiting . . . no begging, tempting you to take a first bite.  A first bite that you will be hoping doesn’t end.  Because somewhere in the madness of this salad is delicious success!  Yes,… Read More