Spring has Sprouted!


It is official . . . Spring has Sprouted!  What better time than now to add handfuls of sprouts to your springtime meals?  All in agreement?  Of course, . . . springtime is a time to lighten up your meals!  So, let’s start learning a little bit more about the goodness of Sprouts! 

What are Sprouts?

Let me tell you . . . Sprouts are raw, living superfoods!  They are the germinated seeds of different plants, that when burst opened, provide a highly concentrated source of powerful energy.  They are full of pre-digested vitamins, minerals, protein-rich amino acids, sugars, fatty acids and chlorophyll.  Sprouts are a highly nourishing food that is full of fiber and flavor.  Once a seed has been soaked and rinsed which helps to remove enzyme inhibitors, it will begin to germinate.  A vast variety of seeds including many vegetables, spices, grasses and some legumes can be sprouted.  Sprouting a seed begins to nutritionally activate itself . . . starches break down into simpler carbohydrates, fats into fatty acids and proteins into amino acids.  What does that mean?  Simple . . . nutrients become more bio-available which equals healthy!



Reasons To Eat Sprouts

*High amounts of enzymes to maximize nutrient absorption

*Anti-aging antioxidants to protect

*Detoxifies cells and lymph system

*Provides chelated minerals and amino acids

*Strengthens muscle tissue and brain neurons

*Rich source of phyto-nutrients and chlorophyll

*Fiber rich to support intestinal tract health

As I said, “Spring has Sprouted!”  Time to now learn how to grow your own sprouts or simply purchase some from your local health food store.  There are so many to choose from . . . alfalfa, broccoli, buckwheat greens, clover, cress, fenugreek, lentil, mung bean, onion, pea shoots, radish, sunflower, wheatgrass.   Now for some fun . . . adding them into your meals.  Take a handful of sprouts, don’t be shy, and . . . pile them on top of your sandwiches, roll them into your wraps, layer them into nori rolls, toss them through your salads, add them to your soups and most importantly, ENJOY!


To knowing that Spring has once again Sprouted . . . with one healthy handful of Sprouts at a time!  Hugs, M.

4 thoughts on “Spring has Sprouted!

  1. Thank you Maura! These sprouts look so good! I am waiting for my batch to be ready at home.
    Yes to a spring filled with healthy sprouts!

  2. Okay, I’m going to sprout some too. The kids will love watching something sprout and it might encourage some tasting too.

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