Spring Cleaning . . . with Six Spring Cleansing Foods!

So being that we are fully into the spring season . . . it’s time to start some spring cleaning!  I am a firm believer in a holistic approach to health.  I think wellness is a journey that combines caring for all areas of your life . . . relationships, spirituality, career, physical activity and food.  Trying to find balance among these areas and creating harmony helps us achieve an inner and outer healthy glow.  It is vital to consider cleaning up all areas of our lives, but today I am going to offer some information about a few Spring Cleansing Foods!
First, for everyday wellness, it is important to align our bodies with the season.  Spring . . . means the weather is slowly warming up and our bodies are simply ready for a gentle detox.  Of course, you can go all hardcore . . . do a juice fast or some deep cleanse.  Please do . . . if you so intend!  With that being said . . . I believe one of the easiest and most affordable ways to cleanse is by consuming seasonal herbs and green vegetables.
I just thought before you head off to a local farmers’ market and/or your usual grocery store, maybe I could inspire you to add a few spring cleansing foods to your list.  My hope is to encourage you all to buy some seasonal spring goodies . . . they will surely help with your own personal spring cleaning.
Cilantro . . . is an amazing heavy metal detoxifier and supports digestive function.  Add a handful to your next sandwich, nori roll and salad!
Parsley . . . is a kidney cleansing herb.  Add some to your next tropical smoothie . . . delicious with pineapple.  Or instead of always using basil, substitute parsley for a seasonal pesto!
Dried Nettles . . . are a wild spring weed that when picked fresh gives you a sting.  They are a blood builder, mild diuretic and gently cleanses the body of metabolic waste material.  Brew some for your next tea time!
Arugula . . . is a peppery salad green with an abundance of vitamins A and C.  It is a member of the cruciferous family which is known to contain anticancer compounds.  Also, it has warming qualities which aids digestion.  And come on, it has an extremely cool nickname . . . rocket! 
Asparagus . . . is a member of the lily family, who knew?  It is a great diuretic.  It contains inulin which is great for gut health . . . the good bacteria in our digestive tract loves to eat it!  Asparagus balances our insulin levels too . . . harmony!  So, puree it into a soup, steam it, roast it, shave it raw into your next salad!
Watercress . . . is a blood cleanser.  It is an excellent green that has more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach.  Enjoy it in your salad, piled on your sandwich or mixed into your stir-fry.
So there you have it . . . 3 spring herbs and 3 spring green veggies to add to your shopping list!
Wishing you a super spring season . . . from the 3 of us!
To springing into the season . . . with one or all six Spring Cleansing Foods at a time!  Hugs, M.

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