Something I am loving right now . . . Kelp Noodles!


Happy Monday Morning!  And another week begins . . . along with the “to do list!”  Oh, not again . . .  Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, dental appointments, doctor appointments, recess duty, school runs, after school classes . . . and making another week of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and MORE snacks for hungry, growing kids.  Well, my Monday has already been busy and it is just the start of the week.  I am already exhausted and it isn’t even lunch.  I will stop complaining . . . right about now!  OK, I have stopped . . . I am taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling all my anxiety away.  Yes, I am back in top form and ready to spring forward into a blissful week . . . let’s just pretend, right?!!!

Kelp Noodles . . . to the rescue!  Yes, Kelp Noodles are something I am loving right now.  They are easy . . . did you read that?  Easy . . . actually, Super Easy!  Read it again . . . Super Easy!  Enough of a reason to love them! But they are so much more than only easy . . . now, that is real LOVE!

Yes, Kelp Noodles are a busy mom’s best friend.  They simply are . . . because they require NO cooking, they are super healthy and they are FUN!  If you don’t believe me than read the package . . . “Healthful, delicious, easy to prepare, and fun to eat!”  It is actually written on the bag . . . not making that up.  And if you are still a disbeliever than go buy some and simply give them a try!


Later this week, I will post one of my favorite ways to eat Kelp Noodles . . . because now that I told you, “I am loving them”, I really should share!  I am a good girlfriend like that!   Now, make sure you visit my blog later this week to get a delicious recipe with Kelp Noodles!  It might just be a new springtime favorite of yours!

Well, as I said, I am a busy mom today.  Actually, on most days . . . no honestly on all days I am a busy mom because what mom isn’t, really?  So, once again, I am running off on another errand . . . but hey, my “to do list” is actually getting a bit shorter.  And that is something to smile about!

To loving something that is easy, healthy & delicious . . . one kelp noodle at a time!  Hugs, M.


PS  My son is loving something right now.  He felt that my blog was the platform to share it with too.  I think you can guess that these new shoes are making my little guy pretty happy!  Let’s just say “there is a spring in my boy’s step today . . . and that is something I, too, am loving!”

One thought on “Something I am loving right now . . . Kelp Noodles!

  1. Wonderful meal idea when you need a quick one. So, excited to try. Looking forward to the kelp noodle recipe.

    Love the vans!

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