Quick tip . . . Purple Coleslaw

Happy Monday!  Just wanted to leave you with a “quick tip” to start your week . . . Purple Coleslaw!
Yes, coleslaw.  It is not just for a summertime barbecue or a picnic side salad.  Oh no, it is another secret ingredient I like to have on hand . . . a lot and for any occasion really!   It helps transform the mundane into something quite exceptional!  It is healthy, adds a pop of color, contributes a lovely crunchiness and is very inexpensive.  Now, who doesn’t like the sound of that?  And the taste . . . delightful!
I simply make a small batch and use it as an addition to sandwiches, wraps, pita pockets and nori rolls.  Today’s lunch was a small baguette sandwich with some roasted red, orange and yellow peppers with a spoonful of purple coleslaw on top . . . yummy!  Now add some leafy greens and eat a side of blueberries . . . now you are eating a rainbow of nutrients!
Purple Coleslaw is just so simple to make . . . it really isn’t even recipe worthy.  But it is the “quick tip” worth knowing and having handy.  I guess it is just so easy it doesn’t require any recipe at all.  But here goes . . .
Purple Coleslaw
purple cabbage
spicy mustard
vinegar, lemon or lime
sea salt & ground pepper
Grate a heaping cup of cabbage into a bowl.  Add amount of mustard & mayo to your taste (I keep the amount light; not too heavy on the mayo. But hey everyone likes their coleslaw the way they like it!).  Squeeze in your choice of vinegar, lemon or lime. Season to taste with sea salt & fresh ground pepper.  
*As it sits in the refrigerator, the flavors will come together and the cabbage will soften some. But it will still be crunchy!  Use within 3 days for best taste!
Purple cabbage is a colorful variety from the brassica family.  It has a relatively high ratio of nutrients and vitamins to calories and fat.  This fact makes it ideal for dieters.  We all like the sound of that!  But everyone benefits from this superfood.  Compared to other cabbages the most notable difference is the antioxidant levels of purple cabbage.  The deeper pigmentation in purple cabbage indicates a richer supply of anthocyanins, which helps lower your risk of cancer, heart disease and macular degeneration.  I said, “Superfood!”
Why turn purple cabbage into coleslaw?  My answer . . . raw purple cabbage is a tremendous source of vitamins and minerals!  It is a rich source of vitamins A, C, K, folate and the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium.  So, let’s get into the kitchen and start shredding some purple cabbage . . . your body will thank you.
To starting your week off right with a simple “quick tip” . . . one serving of purple coleslaw at a time!  Hugs, M.

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