The Best Meal Ever . . . according to Luke!

French Toast?  No!  LUKE TOAST?  YES!





This is a post dedicated to my son and his favorite weekend meal . . . an all day breakfast!  And the only thing on the menu is LUKE TOAST!  There is no exact recipe for Luke Toast but it is very similar to what most of us refer to as French Toast.  I don’t follow any particular french toast recipe but the basic ingredients I would say are strikingly similar and the making of it again probably similar.  Truth be told, I have never looked up a recipe for french toast.  My father use to make me french toast as a kid and it must be from that memory that I make my own version.  At our home, this breakfast item is simply known as Luke Toast!  And appropriately so because Luke just loves it!
Since Luke Toast doesn’t involve actual french bread, the name French Toast just . . . well, wouldn’t be right.   And any bread will do . . . ok, now that’s a little bit of a lie.  I just mean any bread without seeds, nuts, dried fruit of any sort and maybe the bread shouldn’t be too dark.  Ok, so that was a big lie . . . but believe me, it wasn’t an intentional lie.
Getting back to Luke Toast . . . he says,  “it’s the best meal ever!”  Now, he would NOT lie . . . especially about his food.  Kids are the very first ones to let you know that a particular food is awful . . . especially my boy.  So, I am going to take his word that Luke Toast is the best meal ever . . . at least for him.  Really . . . what mom doesn’t love hearing a compliment like that? Maybe he will get some extra maple syrup for being so grateful!
Now you are wondering  how to make Luke Toast.  You are curious, right?  What is that special ingredient?  You really want to know . . . to get your hands on such a special recipe.  Who wouldn’t . . . considering it’s the best meal ever!!!  Well, the answer is really nothing . . . except a big amount of love.  Yes, you heard that correctly . . . love.  How very simple!  Yes, so very simple, but for some very special reason that one ingredient, love, seems to always make food taste so much better.  It turns breakfast into . . . the best meal ever!  Sure, the maple syrup can help add some sweetness but it’s the love that transforms the food, the love that makes the meal memorable, the love that turns the food into just that . . .  love!
So you guessed right, I made him his Luke Toast . . . he watched me make it, he smelled it being made and then he ate every last bite of it.  He smiled!  But best of all, he loved it!  It doesn’t get much better than that!
To making the best meal ever . . . adding one dose of love at a time!  Hugs, M.
*Now how much love has to be added to get him to eat his veggies every night?  I know I have enough love to give!  Oh, the struggles of motherhood . . . gotta love it!

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