Right or Wrong, It’s still My Fragrant Rice . . . And I Love It!

Time for a confession . . . and honestly, it was an innocent mistake, a trivial error, an actual recipe mishap!  And yesterday, I realized it!  I intended to share My Fragrant Rice recipe that I have been making for years and the truth dawned on me . . . I have been making this rice dish and been using the wrong type of rice, for years.  It got me wondering . . . wrong or right . . . right or wrong?  Be my guest, anyone can be the judge.

But . . . I still love it!  And I want to share it!


So for years, I have been making My Fragrant Rice with Jasmine Rice.  Yesterday, it occurred to me that this recipe would make more sense using Basmati Rice.  Jasmine . . . Basmati . . . does it really matter?  Rice is rice, right?  Some of you might say “yes” and others might say “no”.  Maybe jasmine and basmati can be used interchangeably hence the reason my mistake didn’t come to my attention sooner.  Simply trying to justify my error . . . pardon me.

And while, rice is rice, the variations in texture, shape, taste, color, smell makes every type of rice distinctive.  And honestly, that is why I love rice so very . . . very much.  Let’s have a mini rice dream, shall we?  . . . Sticky, chewy rice for sushi, creamy arborio rice for risotto, hearty, nutty brown rice for a macrobiotic bowl . . .  I am a rice girl, true that!

So, here is where the problem/mistake lies . . . My Fragrant Rice infuses jasmine rice with typically indian spices.  Jasmine rice is a fragrant, aromatic rice originating from Thailand.  Hello . . . indian spices aren’t used in Thai cuisine.   Basmati rice is the staple rice of India.  While making it yesterday a light bulb finally went on . . . just maybe I was using the wrong variety of rice.  Like I said, “I love this rice dish!”  Wondering . . .  is it wrong or maybe just a rice dish that is a wee bit confused?  Or maybe my taste buds are embodying the American spirit . . . a melting pot of all nationalities.  I am enjoying a southeast asian rice variety with the infusion of indian spices.  And I am fully aware that a Thai and an Indian might find my rice horrid but I have enjoyed this rice . . . for years and truly plan on making it for years to come.  I am not here to defend my rice variety mishap but I will say that I like it and that speaks volumes to my taste buds!


I intend to share my recipe . . . whether it is right or wrong because I love it!  And that is reason enough.  You get to decide if you want to use Jasmine or Basmati . . . fair enough!


My Fragrant Rice

400 grams (2 cups) rice, Jasmine or Basmati

600 ml cold water

2 star anise

5 -8 cardamon pods

1 or 2 cinnamon sticks

knob of butter

lemon, juice & zest

First rinse rice until water runs clear.  Then add fresh cold water, spices and butter to pot with rice.

Bring everything to a boil, remove top and cover with a sheet of aluminum foil.  Turn heat to lowest flame/setting and simmer for 10 minutes.

Fluff with fork and add the juice of 1/2 a lemon and the zest!

Fragrant, citrusy, light, fluffy and simple!



To making mistakes and still enjoying the results . . . one bowl of My Fragrant Rice at a time!  Hugs, M.

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