Quick Tip . . . for School Birthday Treats!


This is going to be super short . . . because today I am celebrating my son’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Luke!  But I want to share with you a quick tip . . . Popcorn!  Yes, popcorn is a great treat to share with the kids in your class.  Everyone brings in some treat to share with their classmates on their special day.  Many bring in cupcakes . . . and yes, they are adorable and oh so delicious! However, most teachers really aren’t so happy with the sugar mania that always seems to follow.  Popcorn is my answer.  It is fun, affordable and healthy . . . yes, it is a whole grain!



Go and read about a previous blog post I did on popcorn and . . . start popping!


Well, I am going to go and celebrate this very special day with a very special 8 year old boy!


To celebrating a my boy’s birthday . . . one year at a time!  Hugs, M.


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