Something I am loving right now . . . Yellow Plums


And I am doing the “Dance of the Yellow Plum Fairy” . . . where I rule the Land Of Sweets!  Of course, I am.  Not.  OK, so I was just joking.  Ha Ha!!  Truth be told, I am not a ballerina dancing in The Nutcracker.  But I am loving Yellow Plums right about now.  Oh, the juicier and sweeter, the better.  And these are some of nature’s candy, all right there for you to find in the Land of Sweets aka your market.  Maybe . . . no, not maybe.  For sure, go and indulge yourself!

Many people associate plums with varying shades of red or purple.  And rightly so.  But did you know that plums can also be yellow?  Yes, indeed, that is so very true.  Additionally, yellow plums are even common in many areas.  In fact, there are several different species of yellow plums.  The Mirabelle plum, the yellow egg plum and the Howard miracle plum are the most prominent species of the yellow plums.

Mostly small in size with typically thin skin, yellow plums contain a relatively high amount of naturally occurring sugar.  Perfect for an active & healthy lifestyle, the yellow plum can be easily brought to work or school.  An afternoon snack to help get you through the midday sugar slump.  Make sure your plums are fully ripe so they can be enjoyed raw . . . providing a high amount of carbohydrates to help boost your energy levels.



Yellow Plums . . . Nutritionally Good for You!

Being high in vitamin A means yellow plums are good for both skin and eye health.  They also contain vitamin B, known to help renew the cells of your skin.  Are you feeling prettier and younger already?  And their high fiber content means they act as a digestive aid too. And it simply doesn’t stop . . . these benefits of yellow plums!  Abundant in minerals especially potassium, selenium and zinc.  And did you know about these minerals?  Well, let me clue you in . . . ALL known for their cancer fighting and anti-aging properties!  Ok, so you aren’t just prettier and younger but also a whole lot healthier . . . right about now!  Or you will be . . . once you start eating some Yellow Plums!

Go and buy some . . . they are in season.  At least in the Land of Sweets where the Yellow Plum Fairies dance their sweetest dance of all!


To being a plum fairy . . . with one sweet bite of a Yellow Plum at a time!  Hugs, M.

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