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Something I am loving right now . . . The French Breakfast Radish!

The French Breakfast Radish D’Avignon . . . how chic am I?  Well, I can pretend, right?  So, this is the radish I am loving right now.  It is cute, tender and delicious . . . enough of a reason to eat one or better yet, a handful for your next snack.  This radish is… Read More

Quick tip . . . Purple Coleslaw

Happy Monday!  Just wanted to leave you with a “quick tip” to start your week . . . Purple Coleslaw! Yes, coleslaw.  It is not just for a summertime barbecue or a picnic side salad.  Oh no, it is another secret ingredient I like to have on hand . . . a lot and for… Read More

Sunshine in a bowl . . . Golden Fennel Salad!

Holidays are all about decadence, right?  At least the food always seems to be extra rich, extra heavy, extra fattening . . . gross!  Well, I probably shouldn’t have said gross but I did.  Don’t judge me . . . even though, it’s true, I am judging holiday food.   So go ahead, judge me.  I can take… Read More

Try something new . . . Basmati Rice with Mushrooms, Leeks and Hijiki!

Another night, another dinner . . . another new ingredient to maybe try.  Not maybe, but YES!  Hijiki!  So last night, I gave “hijiki” a try. Hijiki is a sea vegetable.  Sea vegetables always offer a welcome dose of alkalinizing minerals.  Seriously, who doesn’t need an extra dose, right?  It is the richest of all… Read More

Celebrate Hanukkah . . . with Carrot Parsnip Latkes!

  Celebrate Hanukkah . . . with Carrot Parsnip Latkes! What is on the menu for Hanukkah at your house?  LATKES!!  Doesn’t everyone just love potato latkes?  Well, I do, for sure.  But this year, why not break tradition?  Instead of grating potatoes try grating carrots and parsnips.  You might just wonder why you have only… Read More

A Seasonal Side Dish . . . Citrus-Maple Roasted Beets & Apples with Maple Walnuts

  Now, that is a mouthful of a name and even a bigger and more delicious mouthful to taste!  Yes, I will have this seasonal side dish sitting on my holiday table, for sure!  It is a delicious explosion of seasonal ingredients . . . the flavors, the scent, the colors . . . all embracing… Read More