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A Day at the Beach . . . ending with Tacos!

After a day at the beach, nothing is better than a taco dinner.  It just feels so summery!  And honestly, I don’t even wish to write much because . . . I am just dreaming of summer nights and more tacos!  I just hope to inspire you to have your very own Taco Night.  It… Read More

A springtime sandwich . . . Cucumber Mint & Dill with Maple Wasabi Mayo!

I simply don’t know . . . what I am loving more?  Is it the spring weather or this spectacular springtime sandwich?  Well, I am not going to pick one or the other.  Oh no!  Instead I will simply choose both . . . and preferably together!  Yes, I will enjoy this sandwich while sitting… Read More

Not Your Basic Pesto . . . Parsley Walnut Pesto!

p   Pesto is a sauce originating in northern Italy. Traditionally, pesto is made of crushed garlic, basil, pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan cheese.  The name pesto comes from the Italian word pestare which means to pound, to crush.  The meaning is in reference to the original method of preparation by a marble mortar and pestle.… Read More

Hemp . . . get “high” on nutrition!

  OK, so you are all wondering what is she talking about . . . smokeable hemp or edible hemp?  Of course, edible hemp and more specifically hemp in the form of hemp seeds.  Hulled hemp seeds are considered a superfood and for good reason.  Hemp seeds are a vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, trans-fat free, cholesterol… Read More