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A springtime sandwich . . . Cucumber Mint & Dill with Maple Wasabi Mayo!

I simply don’t know . . . what I am loving more?  Is it the spring weather or this spectacular springtime sandwich?  Well, I am not going to pick one or the other.  Oh no!  Instead I will simply choose both . . . and preferably together!  Yes, I will enjoy this sandwich while sitting… Read More

Surprise Salad . . . Toasted Pecan and Fresh Blueberry Red Quinoa Salad!

A new year and a new salad . . . Surprise Salad!  This salad is exactly that.  It’s a surprise waiting . . . no begging, tempting you to take a first bite.  A first bite that you will be hoping doesn’t end.  Because somewhere in the madness of this salad is delicious success!  Yes,… Read More

Try something new . . . Basmati Rice with Mushrooms, Leeks and Hijiki!

Another night, another dinner . . . another new ingredient to maybe try.  Not maybe, but YES!  Hijiki!  So last night, I gave “hijiki” a try. Hijiki is a sea vegetable.  Sea vegetables always offer a welcome dose of alkalinizing minerals.  Seriously, who doesn’t need an extra dose, right?  It is the richest of all… Read More

Pumpkin Fried Rice Bowl with Maple Smoked Tofu Cubes

A Fall inspired recipe all swirled together to make one big, steamy, cozy rice bowl!  It’s the pumpkin rice one-bowl wonder.  Healthy fast food . . . pumpkin flavored brown rice, sweet onions, crispy maple smoked tofu cubes, spices, fresh orange citrus all on a bed of fresh green spinach to lighten it up! In… Read More

Spiced Pumpkin Biscuits

In keeping to my promise of a weekly pumpkin inspired recipe, I introduce the Spiced Pumpkin Biscuit!  Out of this world and picky-eater,  kid approved.  Really, it can’t get better than that! So yesterday, I was thinking what do I want to make with the gorgeous, handmade pumpkin puree I have waiting in my fridge.… Read More