Warm Cardamom & Honey Milk . . . oh so very good!



Winter’s chill has blown in and in many places has brought snow along with it.  What better way to warm yourself up than with a warm drink!  But along with the cold and holiday festivities, most of us don’t always escape the unwanted tummy aches that winter can too often bring with it.  So I have a recipe that not only warms you up, not only tastes divine but also can help remedy a stomachache.  That is what I call oh so very good . . . Warm Cardamom & Honey Milk!
Cardamom and honey gently sweeten and flavor your plain mug of milk.  I have made this milk using both homemade almond milk and store bought soy milk.  Both have made a perfectly soothing cup of warm milk.  Feel free to choose any type of milk you fancy or simply have on hand.
Time to transform a mundane mug of milk into an exotic, slightly spicy-yet-sweet flavor that is nothing less than unique.  “How?” you ask.  With cardamom, of course!  In the ancient world, cardamom was held in high esteem being known as the “Queen of Spices”. So, in my modern world, I will continue to hold it in high esteem because of it’s deliciousness.
In traditional medicine, cardamom (Elletaria cardamonum) is used mostly to improve digestion.  Cardamom’s pungent, aromatic seeds contain a large amount of volatile oil that helps to stimulate digestion and relieve gas.  It is also known to help sweeten one’s breath . . . how kissable!
A mug of Warm Cardamom & Honey Milk is a perfect way to end a child’s winter day.  And aren’t we all just children at heart?  So grab a small pot and let’s start heating up some milk . . .
Warm Cardamom & Honey Milk
2 cups milk of choice
8 green cardamom pods, smashed a bit
3 teaspoons honey (I used local & raw)
Combine the milk and cardamom in a small pot and heat until just warm.
Stir in honey and let flavors steep for about 5 minutes.
Pour into 2 mugs and start sipping on something . . . oh so very good!
**For a more medicinal recipe to soothe indigestion try mixing 15 pulverized cardamom seeds in a 1/2 cup hot water.  Add in a small amount of fresh ginger root (1/2″ piece) and a cinnamon stick.  Simmer for 15 minutes over low heat.  Then add in a 1/2 cup milk and simmer an additional 10 minutes.  Add 2 drops of pure vanilla extract and sweeten with honey. Drink . . . and ease your stomach pain away!
To using an ancient spice in your modern life . . . one sip of Warm Cardamom & Honey Milk at a time!  Hugs, M.

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