A Friday Moment . . . the merriment of the holidays!

I intend to come to this blog on Fridays to share what I call “A Friday Moment”.  These moments will be a picture(s) and the words that I see through the picture(s).  Simply said, “A Friday Moment is something I want to remember, something I want to pause . . . forever!”  I wish for you to savor many moments too!  

photo-2 luke

Isn’t it so very true how one’s home during the holidays is full with merriment?  The excitement, the festivities, the joy of it all . . . anyway you look at it, a good time is being had.  Well, that is especially true when seen through the eyes of children who still believe in the magic of the holiday season

This merriment that is filling my home is “A Friday Moment” I choose to relish in today!  As I am writing this, my children are off at their painting class.  Today is not their usual class.  No way, because today they are decorating Christmas ornaments which they will bring home to fill our tree . . . even fuller!  Because honestly, is a Christmas tree ever really too full?  Some might say “yes” but my children would shout a definite “no”!
Oh, and the lights!  Yes, the lights are such a welcome brightness during the darkness of the season.  It is the very magical twinkling of lights that offers a charming and cozy feeling.  I think . . . no, I really know, my son would absolutely light up our home with mini xmas lights if he only could.  That would be spectacular  to see but the light that is twinkling in him . . . brightens this very home of ours.
Can you smell the brownies baking for the school Christmas party?  My daughter decorating them . . . each and every one with a white star to add to the festivity.  Tomorrow will begin another baking activity to get the xmas tins filled with cookies.  Baking . . . yes, holiday baking does indeed add to the merriment of it all.  Who can not resist the pull into the kitchen during the holidays?  Butter, sugar, flour . . . and soon the dough is being rolled out, the cookie cutters are pressed into it, the baking trays are being placed into ovens, the smell is swirling throughout your home, the cooling racks are filling up and . . . yes, finally the first taste of Christmas!   And, of course, all the other goodies both sweet and savory that are being prepared and filling up the holiday table.
And who can forget the mistletoe that hangs . . . any reason to get an extra kiss, right?  How about the stockings that line the staircase . . . oh, the anticipation of what goodies with fill them up!  And hearing the holiday music that softly plays in the background to all this joy . . . a soundtrack to all my past Christmas memories!
It is exactly this merriment of the holidays that makes me hopeful and keeps me . . . a believer!
To seeing “A Friday Moment” through the eyes that still believe in all this special merriment . . . one xmas holiday at a time!  Hugs, M.

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