A Friday Moment . . . the language of flowers


I intend to come to this blog on Fridays to share what I call “A Friday Moment”.  These moments will be a picture(s) and the words that I see through the picture(s).  Simply said, “A Friday Moment is something I want to remember, something I want to pause . . . forever!”  I wish for you to savor many moments too! 

The language of flowers is referred to as floriography.  It is the communication through the use or arrangement of flowers.  For thousands of years flowers have been given meanings and symbols.  It has been said, “Flowers are a perfect replica of human life” . . . planting . . . growth . . . bloom . . . withering . . .




Weird how I have been thinking of flowers so much lately.  Weirder . . . my mother just got me a copy of Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s book The Language of Flowers.

This idea of flowers speaking a language . . . to me is “A Friday Moment” I am reflecting on.


Flowers speak to me . . . yes, indeed they do.  I am drawn to flowers. Maybe it is the connection so deep in humans to their natural environment that helps heal hearts.  I feel it every time I witness the beauty in a flower.  I have cut flowers and potted plants in my apartment.  They nourish me spiritually.  If I am to be honest, I want more.  Maybe too greedy, but I wish to garden.  I wish to deepen my connection with my natural world.  Yes, my wish is to have a garden one day.  By saying my wish, I have just planted the seed!


So I have no more to write today.  Simply going to take time to listen to the language of the flowers surrounding me!  If I listen quietly . . .  they are telling me a story that needs to be heard!

To learning a new and natural language . . . one flower at a time!  Hugs, M.

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