A Friday Moment . . . The Joy of Giving!

I intend to come to this blog on Fridays to share what I call “A Friday Moment”.  These moments will be a picture(s) and the words that I see through the picture(s).  Simply said, “A Friday Moment is something I want to remember, something I want to pause . . . forever!”  I wish for you to savor many moments too!  



Another Friday . . . marking the end of another week.  Why does it always seem to go by so quickly . . . these weeks of mine?  Time moves at the same rate but it can feel like it slips right on by.
Now is precisely when I must breathe a bit deeper,slowly exhale and be in “A Friday Moment”. The Joy of Giving . . . is exactly what I am reflecting on as I look at these photos of my daughter.
My daughter, like probably most of us, loves to receive a gift.  And really, who doesn’t?  Something wrapped up with only your name on it.  That does feel special.  But how about when you give a present and you feel even happier than the receiver.  What is that exactly?
Well, something changes as we mature . . . for most of us, that is.  And that feeling is exactly what my daughter has learned about . . . the joy of giving.  This realization is about learning that giving someone something is so much more gratifying than receiving.  When you give genuinely you are never expecting anything in return.  Your own joy is filled by witnessing someone else’s joy.  That is beautiful . . . really beautiful!
So the other day, my daughter sat down for quite some hours and . . . created, wrapped, embellished, wrote, drew, taped, glued and thoughtfully made a gift for a classmate.  She marked this gift with her love . . . all bundled up in the joy of giving.
But what inevitably happens?  Giving always gives you something right back  . . . and that something is JOY!
To spreading some joy this holiday season . . . one gift at a time!  Hugs, M.

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