A Friday Moment . . . Laughing!

It’s been said, “Laughter is the best medicine!”  Well, today I just refilled my prescription.  A good dose of funniness can do a huge dose of wonderful!



Today I choose laughter . . . that’s “A Friday Moment” I plan on giggling over.
Do you ever feel you can get stuck in the heaviness of everything?  Like your mind and emotions are trapped in deep thought.  Finding yourself focusing, concentrating, analyzing, preparing, organizing . . . all over and over again.  Taking life so damn seriously . . . just because you are an adult.
Today was different.  Today, I woke up to silliness.  Silliness felt so refreshing . . . and I felt so very young again.  It all happened because of what my son did, his reaction to it and my reaction to his.  He is seven . . . he is a boy . . . he thinks that farting is hysterical.  OK, just admit it . . . farting is rather funny!  So, you can probably guess what happened . . . yes, he farted and then laughed.  But his laugh was contagious and I started laughing.  And the laughter kept coming and turned into hysterical laughter.  We both laughed so hard that we began to cry. Those tears of laughter I will take any day.  See it wasn’t the fart that was so funny but the laughter. Yes, the fart started the laughter but the laughter itself created more laughter.
Now that the fart is long gone . . . that is a good thing as I am well aware there are many more to come, the laughter I am still hearing.  You know that sound of laughing . . . that is so, so very real; it comes from way down deep, moves through your whole body.  Smiling I do a lot of . . . it is just part of me and my face.  But I haven’t heard my laugh, my real laugh in a while . . . it has been too long.  But today my laugh woke up with me and I liked hearing it’s voice and liked how it made me feel.
Kids seem to naturally know how to laugh . . . at seemingly everything.  They love to be tickled and roar with laughter.  They tell jokes, create comedy, find silliness. They seem to almost overdose on laughing pills.  It is my great reminder today to simply laugh just for the sake of laughing.  Because laughter is truly some very good medicine!
To finding your laugh even with a fart . . . one Friday Moment at a time!  Go on now . . . giggle!  Hugs, M.


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