A Friday Moment . . . A day at the beach!

I intend to come to this blog on Fridays to share what I call “A Friday Moment”.  These moments will be a picture(s) and the words that I see through the picture(s).  Simply said, “A Friday Moment is something I want to remember, something I want to pause . . . forever!”  I wish for you to savor many moments too! 
The fullness of our days . . . are spilling over with so much activity, joy and even chaos.  Any given moment there is something going on or something more to do.  But if I can slow down and pause . . . there is peace to be found.  These pauses are so very important to me . . . reconnecting with my “center”; my “home”.  
As I am getting older, I see that sometimes in order to move ahead I must go back to where I have come from.  Discovering and strengthening my connection to the earth, I might simply need to revisit my first connection to it . . . the beach.  
This original relationship is still my strongest.  My childhood summers were all spent at the beach . . . and still it remains a place to find solace.  In times of personal struggle, confusion, and challenge, I feel a magnetic pull to the ocean.  The ocean is pulling me back; back to myself in order to feel connection, to seek reflection and ultimately, to offer me comforting peace.  
The natural world has healing powers . . . the ocean is my source; my remedy.  It is never too late to reclaim and remember my childhood connection to this earth.  Upon returning to the ocean, I enter a place of peace & harmony, a place that allows me to dream bigger than I ever imagined . . . all while giving me comforting reassurance that my world is good & right!
I simply can not wait to come “home” . . . to feel your warm sand run through my toes, to hear the sounds of your waves both big & small, to taste your salty water on my lips, to dive down deep again and again.
I found you, my ocean, as a child . . . and life is about transition and growth to find our independence. So I went out into this wide, wide world . . . but right now, I am ready to “retreat” back “home”.  Strengthening my connection to my natural world will help me to seek more adventure, overcome more challenges and ultimately, live more life!
I am smiling knowing sooner than later, I will be back in your waters . . . home once again!  This is A Friday Moment I am holding onto.
To going “home” . . . one Friday Moment at a time!  Hugs, M.     


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